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Yabsta Platform For Publishers

Developed to give publishers, advertisers and online users what they need to drive target audiences to the doors of local businesses, the Yabsta Platform combines desktop and mobile search with popular social features to deliver something quite unique – absolute local search with organized, structured information.

By refining business data (products, services, current contacts, maps, menus and more) into dynamic, well structured information, Yabsta delivers impressive search results for users dissatisfied with the often irrelevant and unstructured results provided by major search engines.

Social features including local content, user reviews and free classifieds further enable the Yabsta platform to deliver the robust and accurate user experience that today’s online and mobile users are looking for.

Every jurisdiction site built with the Yabsta platform becomes part of the growing Yabsta Network. The network is not confined by geography, as the platform is a global product with language conversions available. There are currently 40+ sites/locations in the Yabsta network.

Yabsta Platform For Business Groups

The Yabsta Platform is also a sophisticated but easy-to-use solution for any multiple location business, industry or association looking to build a website that will serve their group. Yabsta provides for robust, secure database development, growth and management. The Platform is the ideal tool for the creation of a dynamic Reinsurance, Real Estate or Chamber of Commerce site. To learn more about Yabsta Global’s enterprise solutions contact us today. A member of our management team will be happy to meet with you to discuss your business objectives.

Yabsta Site Builder

Yabsta Global provides comprehensive support to Platform licensees including advertiser focused products like Yabsta Site Builder and Yabsta Digital. Yabsta Site Builder (YSB) enables you to offer advertisers a proprietary, build your own website tool that delivers professional quality sites, easily and affordably. YSB provides a suite of easy-to-use options and instructions that guide users through the process. Highly effective tools like YSB enable licensees to strengthen and extended relationships with valued advertisers.

Yabsta Digital

Yabsta Global licensees can also offer advertisers advanced digital design services through Yabsta Digital – our digital creative agency. Yabsta Digital provides comprehensive web and mobile marketing services, including:

  • Program planning
  • Site design, development and maintenance
  • Digital advertising design
  • Social media development & management
  • Search marketing
  • Web hosting
  • Copywriting
  • Video Production

Yabsta Digital

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