Yabsta to Launch New Platform

In May of 2015 Yabsta will launch the Yabsta Platform II. Features of this significant update include a more modern and adaptive web interface, an enhanced back end and a dynamic new graphic approach.

Yabsta will also launch the same month its first ever Yapp. Yapp is a smart phone application that will provide users access to the Yabsta platform in a particular jurisdiction without internet connectivity.

Also to further empower Yabsta licensees and enable them to deliver an expanded product line, Yabsta has partnered with a Danish web development house to bring you the Yabsta Site Builder. This will provide a licensee’s advertisers the ability to build their own web sites using a menu of simple but highly effective tools. Licensees can also utilize YSB to quickly and easily create sites on an advertiser’s behalf.

Keep following Yabsta news as Yabsta drives to be the local web platform of choice for small to medium size jurisdictions and organizations.

Yabsta’s strength lies in the quality of the local content it provides and our proprietary system for content organization.

Yabsta Digital

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